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Didn't get to talk to a person except for a urber driver the next day. I was denied a ride because of my mom's miss you momma dog lilshitzu who like myself have lost mom and brother and sister.

We are both homeless in Iowa and needed a 6dollar ride. Well two drivers said no dogs after.the first no I texted the 2nd about my dog didn't get a reply until he showed up and no dog. Well that was our last 6 dollars we had only reason I asked for one was I had my dog and a box of the only pictures and things of my mom brother and sister I had yes HAD left. I could not carry everything I had to stash the box didn't even make it to where I was supposed to be came back and it was gone.

Well I actually got a ride the next day back towards the box by a Uber driver a free ride with my dog. She told me they can not deny you for a dog. So not only did we sleep outside in 19bdegree wether we were made to pay for that drivers valuable time. No breakfast until i walked to where I was trying to make it to.

All I had left of my family is gone PRICELESS. NO Pictures NO LITTLE MAGNETS OR N

anything. No money . I want to never have to rely on Uber again.

I need a lawyer who agrees I want to go home back to California where I was before last July. I came here to see mom and brother he died a month after and mom was bad off with dementia. He died the day I was leaving to go back My girlfriend and I were homeless there because my mom made her leave. That was last July idk where she is now.

So yeah I am about to give up for real. I have nothing left at all. I want a plane ticket me and my dog or better yet my own car and gas to get there.

Where I will gladly work for Uber once I arrive driving lil black dogs who have humans with them. I NEED THE NEWS CHANNEL.

Monetary Loss: $99.

Preferred solution: What I mentioned .

Uber Pros: Some drivers are amazing.

Uber Cons: Others just lie and cause me to loose the will to want to live.

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