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An Uber driver picked me up from Dillon Colorado. The fare said it was $194 from Dillon to Colorad Springs.

I informed the driver that my phone was dead and that I needed to get to Colorado springs. The driver drove for 20 minutes then he stopped and sad that i have to pay $400 to take me to my destination because the $194 that I'm paying Uber will not go to him. He said if I didn't pay him he would leave me in the cold without my phone to call for help. I was scared for my life because I was in the middle of nowhere with a man who knew my phone was dead and was threatening to leave me on the highway.

I had no choice. After the driver dropped me off to my apartment complex I ran and borrowed a neighbour's phone to call 911 and then Uber to report what transpired. Uber is not taking this issue seriously. They have been ignoring me and this issuefor 4 weeks and giving me the run about.

This tells me that Uber is hiring anyone and willingly putting their customers lives in danger and they don't care who gets hurt or killed in the process.

I don't know what that Uber driver would have done to me if I did not pay him. Uber is refusing to acknowledge the situation and reimburse me.

Uber Cons: Hate to be scammed, Poor payment processing system, Hard to talk to somebody, Money is being taken out of my account.

Location: 370 East La Bonte Street, Dillon, CO 80435

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So in order to get your phone, he would have had to physically take it from you. He was threatening you with physical assault and battery. I hope the police can track him down and he gets arrested.

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