I have been a long term Uber user. But they CONSISTENTLY make mistakes that will do the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM TO RESOLVE.

Horrible. Got the entire wrong food order multiple times they try to refuse to give you a refund even tho its their fault. Wrong or missing items? They will try to refuse a refund again and then NOT refund the full amount.

They oVercharged you for a ride? Theyll adjust the price, but oh wait it happens multiple times? THEY AGAIN refuse to give you a price ADJUSTMENT or a refund because you requested it too much.... thats not my fault.

You basically get punished for *** that is not your fault to begin with.

Doordash has WAY better customer service when it comes to food service. Definitely my last time ever ordering food but sadly I cant with the Uber rides because it happens to JUST be convenient for me occasionally to go to work and other places because of my anxiety.

User's recommendation: Rides? Only if you really need too. Food? Better look somewhere else unless they have a good promo. Compare prices.

Uber Pros: Rides when you need.

Uber Cons: Everything else.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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