Hello went to take my patient to the doctor on 135 and Main Street in Greenwood Indiana to the pain management doctor that was a handicap spot there but there was a fan Park in there that I was on the phone and he said there for a long time while I struggled to get my patient out of the car because she is in a wheelchair my husband was with me as well and sitting there playing on his phone and then my husband asked him what he was doing he was waiting for his next call he was an Uber driver he was parked in the handicap location without a placard and without a handicap plate watched me struggle to get get her out was disrespectful I took his license plate with my camera on phone this is why I am talking to you it was a very stressful day because she has a hard time in her Mobility need to have a talk with this older gentleman very disrespdisrespecton tcar wveravte

Location: Greenwood, Indiana

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