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The last driver I had yesterday was completely rude and treated my girlfriend and I like shit. I have been trying to get in touch with a supervisor but no one sees to be able to get a supervisor on the phone for me.

I want a refund for my trip that took place on 4-16-2021 and 9:34am for $30.45. I also want a refund for the $15 charge for him to have to return my girlfriends phone she left in his car because he told me he would be here in 10 min to return it and it took about 4 hours before he got here. She uses her phone for work because she does work from home on the phone and she missed 4 hours of work because of his being so late. Then once he got here he demanded we give him $20 for bringing it to her when your policy clearly says that any returned item will charge $15 to your uber account for the driver.

He was also completely rude to us when he returned the phone and didn't hand her the phone but instead threw it out the window at her. As he was leaving he proceeded to spew profanities at us and drove away. The drivers name was Kasete and his license plate number is HWW8479 on a Kia Sportage. I want a refund for all these charges related to this ride or I will be contacting law enforcement and the news about how extremely rude this drive was and how uber refuses to work with their customers when they have bad experiences with your companies drivers.

My name is Kevin Meyer, email is kevinmeyer1881@***.com, and phone number is 937-622-****. I expect a call from a supervisor today.

User's recommendation: Don't use uber. They will like complete crap and the. Refuse to give you your money back.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Pros: We got to the place we wanted to go.

Uber Cons: Almost impossible to talk to an uber representative, Awful customer support, Horrible customer service, Over charging, Extremely rude drivers.

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LOL. Why would you post your phone number on a message board that has nothing to do with Uber?

The site protected you to a point.

You’re as foolish as your so called girl friend. A “supervisor” will not be calling you.


"girlfriends phone ***she left****" Your GF is an idiot who cost someone time which is money. Listen, to remedy stupid, a driver has to STOP driving thus giving up more than the $15.00 return fee.

Why in world would anyone expect someone to stop earning(more than $15.00) and drive from wherever they are at the time for a little change. Especially for someone who I'm sure blew up the driver's phone. Of course, they made you wait 4 hours until they were done making money. Rather than a weak S.I.M.P.

for your girl, teach her to be responsible with her property and not leave her junk behind in another person's car. The terms you agreed to said you wouldn't do this and you may never see your junk again.


Unsafe rude as *** drivers that care only about taking your money


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