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On Fathers Day I needed a ride back to my apartment in NYC from NJ. My sister drove me to a gas station by the George Washington bridge and I ordered an Uber.

It said it was coming in 10 minutes so I sent her home to her children. That one cancelled and the wait time became 23 minutes for the next,Then that one cancelled and it became 35 minutes for the next. Then that one as well And on and on. In total I had about 7 or 8 cars cancel.

Finally one said that it was coming and it was on a street that runs parallel to the street I that I was on so I had to jump a fence with my luggage. I ended up getting cut up and my luggage filthy. Then that car left as well saying I wasnt there. I ended up getting an Uber black hoping it wouldnt cancel.

Luckily it didnt but I paid 155.00 for a ride that was going to only be 55.00. was at the gas station for 2.5 hours.

User's recommendation: No.

Location: Winter Haven, Florida

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Hopefully, your sister is the only one of you two that have children. You are a FOOL...YOU asked for this by jumping a fence with luggage.

Here's the thing, no one wanted to give you a ride for whatever reason. It may not have been worth it, it may be to an area that they don't want to go to or you could have a bad rider rating.

Either way, you were stupid for doing this. Thanks for sharing your stupidity.

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