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I ordered Uber. Immediately as soon as the driver excepted the ride he called me on my phone and asked me where we were going to be going and how far it was.

I told him that he was picking up my wife at my house and then running a couple miles down the street to pick up my kids at school and then run them all back to my home. The driver at that time proceeded to tell me that he didnt think that this was going to be a good ride for him and that he said I should cancel it. I said back to him why did you except the ride if you are the sun want me to cancel it. And then him and I went back-and-forth for about 10 minutes about who is going to cancel it and I refused to cancel it because I did not want to pay for it.

This whole time this Uber driver has me waiting in my children waiting at school and hes honestly as Im looking at the map not even heading in my direction. He literally kept me hung up for like 30 minutes and now I am going to be super late getting my children at school which is a huge problem and this driverObviously did not care.

This gentleman was extremely rude and very unprofessional all the while trying to cheat the system by calling me and saying where my ride was going. This is not a good look for Uber and I would consider having this guy on my team thank you

Preferred solution: Apology.

Uber Cons: Last con is that i felt i was intentionally coned.

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"why did you except the ride " While you're at that school, learn the difference between ACCEPT and EXCEPT. Drivers can't see where you're going until they ACCEPT a ride.

Rides such as yours are a waste of time and of little value to drivers trying to make money.

Drivers want to make as much money as possible for the wear and tear they put on the car. You should expect this to continue.

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