Got in car, lady wad not wearing mask, driving 65 mph while staring at phone in hand while driving with only one other down highway taking a questionable route toward destination.when she questioned about those three issues, she repeated herself 5 times in a row that I could tell her verbally how to get there but she was going to do what she was doing because she did not where we were going and I was in her car! I would repeat myself as follows, no , please continue on your route, for the second time repeat, and for the third time repeat , and for the fourth time.I would repeat ,please go ahead and proceed with your route.

She then slammed on her brakes at the very top of the interstate overhanging turning ramos, with a very narrow shoulder and she screamed for me to get out! I told her I was going to call the police! Then she drive down it and tried to dump me in a desolate parking lot, and then told me she was as dropping me off where there is Some tits and *** at Perfect Ten Club! She then jumped out of the car lied and screamed out that I would not leave her car.

I was trying to get out when she jumped back into the car and started peeling out while I was exiting and the door hit the phone and it flew back in backseat.

The police security guard officers are witnesses that she then was peeling out through the entire parking lot! I need to get my phone back and I cant get through to real person because none of you phone numbers result in a live person answering and I forgot my password snd your website does not forward a reset link or passcode snd I need to be assured that Tanya does not drive for another company so as to place passengers in harms way when get sued for criminal negligence in a wrongful death action suit since youve now been directly and publicly notified.

User's recommendation: Do not get in car with Tanya.

Location: Boerne, Texas

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