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They eventually stopped. I had to contact their support.

Original review posted by user Feb 10, 2016

I started the Uber signup process. Part way through i realized I could not do this since my vehicle, a limo, is more than 5 years old.

There is no way that I can see to cancel the sign up process. When I log back in, it simply continues where I left off. I'm getting 2 SMS messages and 2 email a day asking me to complete the process.

I've contacted there support, and they only respond to complete. I've reported the SMS and Emails as SPAM so hopefully it will stop.

I finally started an online chat, and request the sign up process be canceled. They responded that the account has been flagged for deletion. Ok. I guess if your not signing up, they don;t want anything o do with you!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It's been resolved. I've contacted them, and they have stopped sending me all those txt messages and emails.

Took time.

I've also contacted other companies of this type, and they all say the same. It's too old. Doesn't matter if I have it certified. Too bad.

I think a lot of people would like a 6-door limo ride at the same cost. It doesn't take much more gas than a standard Deville.

Uber is missing out.

What about a 1955 Chevy?

Oh well. Too bad Uber.


I have the same problem, relentless texts and emails.


Hey buddy.. It doesn't seem like anyone really cares. Get a new limo big guy.


The limo is just fine, thank you.

It's not a typical limo with a J-seat, bar, lights. It's called an 'Executive Series'.

It has the traditional rear seat, and a custom middle bench Cadillac seat. Both face forward. It also has 6-doors!

There used as funeral procession cars, and, shuttle vehicles for corporations and hotels.

My plans for this is to mount the limo body on a 4x4 truck frame. Not a mud truck, just a standard F350 type truck.

- Big guy

@Josalyn Boh

What is funny is in Kansas City they let their Uber drivers drive cars up to 10 years old. And they are saying you can't drive a five year old car? Questionable company.

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