First they say, "Hey we give instant payout in any amount".

The catch: AS USUAL UBER never does anything to really benefit their drivers. They are a corporation after all and only look out for THE CORPORATION. They force you into opening an account with this shady GOBANK company. They send you a flimsy non-chipped punch out Visa Debit card. Within 30-90 days this card stops working. You order a replacement, which by they way can only be replaced as "LOST/STOLEN" not damaged or not not functioning. Then they send you a replacement card with instructions to activate it, but you can ONLY activate it using your account, either web or mobile.

The best part is NOW: None of the activation options listed are available. Neither in the app or on the web login. So great, now you get to chat with the call service (customer support without the ability to actually support), who generously creates a *** ticket for you which will undoubtedly not get fixed for 3-4 days if it even gets fixed at all.

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, if you are an UBER driver you now how the option to move funds to your own debit card for a 50 cent fee for transaction. Again, UBER only takes care of UBER. My advice is everyone should strike against UBER and spend a week not driving. Just let them eat *** until they actually decide to help US help THEM.

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