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New Years eve is the busiest time of the year. What make it even more difficult is that while Uber chargers a safe ride fee there is no protection for driver from scammer.

On Jan 1 2016. I had 2 such occurrences. You are beeped for a fair and accept. Drive to location and wait for fare - a person walks up to car says are you the uber for "name" and I say yes.

The fare and friends jump in vehicle, you start far and confirm destination and they agree and start trip. Soon after trip starts the fare tells you they want to go to different local and you agree. During the trip you get notice that fare is cancel. It's canceled because it is the wrong fare but the name is the same but you have a group of people in vehicle.

In attempt to resolve issue new fares beep in but you can't take because you have a car full of passengers then the app kicks you out. Not wanting to pay the surge rate for trip the passengers dottle on phone until rate drops but I have already driven a few miles - where is my monies for that part of the trip?

The second issues was very similar but the people I picked up never ordered an uber. They knew the person who ordered - having a similar name they got in car and confirmed destination.

As the trip began like the first issue they decided to go elsewhere and changed destination. The app doesn't let you easily change destination. As I was driving the fare to location I got a call from the "Real Fare" asking my location. Upon arriving at destination I got a notification that the "real fare" canceled trip and I was left having given a free ride during high surge period.

Uber texted and said issue was resolved but I see no monies added for lost time and mileage. The only thing I noticed is rating went down.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Sherman Oaks, California

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Why would Uber pay you for being scammed? I don't understand.

I kind of understand, but not fully, how the scam worked.

There must be a better way to identify the original Uber customer.

Like a RSA code identifier in the app.

If anyone can sinmply walk up to your vehicle and say they are the pickup, then i can see this is a big issue. Next time it happends, dial 911 on your phone and request to meet an officer at a locale.

It would be interesting to see how taxi companies deal with this.

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