Don't drive for UBER. I did for over 6mo.

Logged hundreds of trips. Did it to prove to a friend that you can make more money delivering pizza for pizza hut or dominos than driving for Uber. Starts with the "uber reps" telling you that you will be covered in case of an accident. "but I don't have commercial insurance for my vehicle you say." It's ok, the rep says, because, you have our insurance when your app is on, and when it's off, you have your own insurance.

They should cover you because you're not working for us." Makes sense right? WRONG. They (uber) don't tell you that "their insurance is a company called "james river ins. co.

and that they have a deductible that cost 1000.00 freakin dollars. Yes, a grand. So, my car was damaged while transporting a Uber customer. Yes, an Uber customer, not mine, because I transport customers for Uber, I'm a contracted person.

Their insurance co. did the est. after a lengthy investigation on the Part of James River Ins. co.

They even called the riders that were in my car of the time of the accident. But when a driver takes of picture of some "mystery stain" in their backseat and sends it to Uber, they don't hesitate to slam their customers Credit Cards for 250.00 bucks. Even when they know some "shady drivers that hardly speak English" are running the scam. So, sorry, going for going off topic, yeah, their insurance co.

tells me that they est. the damage to be around 615.00 and since it's under the one thousand dollar deductible, "sorry, we can't do anything for you." In those exact words. Did you know that not all of Uber drivers can be Lyft drivers? You know why?

because Lyft actually does a background check on you. And they pretty much require you do be able to speak English since you are in an English speaking country. I've met several Uber drivers that 1. Can hardly speak English, 2.

Do not care about any thing else accept the Money, 3. Are grossly misinformed about insurance and the amount of money they will be paying on their taxes. 4. Can't really do the math to figure out that they are only really making around 3-12 dollars an hour.

Mostly 3-7dollars an hour. Yes, under min. wage. How do I come to that figure?

well, take out money for gas, and expenses, including but not limited to Insurance, Maint. This includes but is not limited to car washes, The time you take to wash your car and the materials involved for you idiots that argue, "well, I wash my car at home." and there are no maint. cost. Yeah keep thinking that.

You are the kinda driver Uber wants. Deaf, Dumb, and blind. If the IRS allows you to deduct what is it....53 cents a mile in cost for operating your vehicle, then you can bet the actual figure is much higher than that. More like a dollar a mile.

So do some math and you will quickly find that you are not making what you think you are making. Plus, don't forget when it comes April, and You got the IRS to deal with, because, believe me, UBER will report EVERY dime they paid you to the IRS and then you will be accountable for every dime. You are 1099'd So you better save your receipts. They are the worst company in the world.

The owners and Officers just want that big pay day for when they go public with stock offerings. The "valuation" of the company is what is the most important for them. That means keeping the most drivers on the road, while paying the least amount of money. The more they "look" like they are worth, the more the payday will be for the majority interest holders of the company.

You think they give a *** about what happens to the company after they sell their shares??? If you are against Uber, they just buy you out, that means, politicians, and other movers and shakers. Anyone noticed that about Uber, look who sits on their board.

Look who wrote or talked *** about them, but then all of a sudden is employed by them or being paid by them. Oh, don't get me wrong, I"m not saying it's going to be better driving for Lyft, but at least they are more up front and pay you better.

Reason of review: They are not going to do anything about the issue, I've already asked many times.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Uber Cons: Never again.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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