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I worked for you all I have over 1,000 dollars I cant access because customer service reps do not understand the issue Im telling them Im having they are playing stupid literally want ever let me speak with a supervisor that can actually help they just hang up on me Im going to be contacting the labor board to get my money cause I cant get anyone on the phone to help me and you all give these people to much power to play with peoples money this is being purposely done and I have to jump through hoops to speak with someone to keep my money from being deposited into an account thats closed Uber keeps sending it back and forth and Im not able to delete the bank info so they can stop sending it back and forth Ive ask for it to be put on another card and guess what THEY PRETEND TO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT IM ASKING keep telling me it will be sent back to an account thats closed Im not gonna beg for money I worked for

Preferred solution: My money I worked for .

Location: Kingfisher, Oklahoma

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