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Yes that what he said. And I was just depositing my check at the bank, after work.

They kept going to the opposite side to pick me up, and call and ask where I was. And I have to explain to them where I were. So I starting waiting on the opposite side, I had the problem getting the ride. It was saying there was no rides available.

Even though it was like 11:45 Tuesday night. And when I finally got the ride they cancelled, so I got the other ride and he still went to pick me up on the opposite side. And that was where I usually drop my paycheck off. And again I still had to explain to him I was on the opposite side.

And he was like "What are you doing"! And I told him I just got off work. "And he said at the bank late at nigh" Were you going to walk home and decided not too so you ended up at the bank, or were you trying to rob the bank." Had he ever heard of people depositing their checks at the bank? And that there's a machine where people depositing there checks?

And that there people that work in fast food and have to work later than everyone else. They are so *** stupid.

Next time i'll walk back to work so they would give me a ride without any BS or drama (which they must love) I do not appreciated them making me wait for an uber, or them acting all crazy and paroniod and accusing my of (robing the bank) if I wanted to do that I would already, and I dealt I would be hoping on the uber. I don't find uber worth my money.

Location: Austin, Texas

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There are lots of ordinary idiots like this. Have car will be a jerk.

My brother DW is like this. He is totally impatient while driving too. Always cussing people and calling them names or making fun of them. So when he got in some accidents i thought, serve him right!

Unfortunately he did not die just yet but he is paying hand to fist. He has to work three jobs to support all his bad habits. One of them is being an Uber driver on the side!

Can you inagine what a menace he must be to society? Uber drivers worthless!

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