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It is totally useless. I have just spent 2 hours going around in circles.

My email address has changed and I am trying to get this information to this useless UBER customer service. I put in my mobile number and then get welcome back. Next step is to put in your email address which I need to change. Then I go to cannot sign in.

Then I have a test to prove it is me. Then I fill in the email address I had and the one I want to get help on, i.e. the new email address. Then I am promised I will get a message on my new contact mail with a a security question.

I receive nothing and them I am back to zero, filling all the same information in and getting nowhere.

Absolute crap. I cannot even open a new account because when I try to do this I get a message saying I already have an account with my mobile number, How the *** can I simply change me email with UBER.

My account is paid by my AMEX card via PayPal. I hope UBER goes out of business!

Preferred solution: I just want UBER to change the email address on my account and greatly improve their customer service..

Location: Dublin, Leinster

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