i believe every story has 2 or more versions and before to dictate any judgments it is important to listen those versions.

it is unbelievable tha the company send an email to a customer that is platinum!a complain made by a drives without even calling to listen what the client has to say.

so me, the client, did what is the obvios, trying to call Uber directly and askhera it goes the most frustrating part of it many menus but none of them it is even close to the reason i was calling for . 2 hours of my life trying until finally i decide to send my complain:request/explanation in any of them crossing finger i will be heard.

as matter of fact i got and answer from 5 people ..telling me the same script ..i am so apologize blah blah blah ..didnt sound real or honest.

what it was real it is that Uber will be my last prodigy going forward forcing me to use the competition Lift of worts going back to the horrible experience with Taxis in NYC.


manuel V.

User's recommendation: everyone has to live this frustration on their own to understand.

Location: New York, New York

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