I have spent over three hours trying to fix my old account to drive for Uber eats talking and chatting in messages and no one can fix my problem. I have also asking to have my old account deleted since I dont have my same number anymore and no one has helped me so there for I cant drive due to having two accounts.

Old account was Tazwomen18@***.com


New account I set up is tazwomen91@***.com


I have emailed to have this issue resolved and still nothing.

Not sure if the people that are working for you are not smart or if its a flaw in your system to delete or update accounts.

But its something that should be fixed so one you have a driver and two I can drive and earn some money. I would like this issue fixed and maybe even an apology for this inconvenience you have given me and the hours I spent trying to fix this .

User's recommendation: Don’t use due to system or people flaws in this company.

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