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I started driving for ("UBER") in 2023. In my 1st week of driving I did 189 trips.

Got all the congrats the this's and that's. Make it to a whole PRO in less then 2 weeks. As soon as they gave me the SO-CALLED promotion - is as fast as they took it away. And thats due to acceptance rates that I had no clue about.

I mean then they threw in with the wolves. Which then changed my whole everything with them. Started on longer trips for way less money. Will direct you all they way out to places unknown then after dropping off the passenger you then are now wasting gas because the GPS is not picking up because your in the back woods.

And when you find your way to people its at a gas station where you then find yourself waking up there by a man screaming at you because where people come to pull over to rest their eyes so they don't end up waking up thanks for the sign and the pull it connected to. Drive and Drive because your good at it and they seem to acknowledge that to. Well why does it worse. Now the call in is HORRABLE actually its DISGUSTING.

Everyone deserves a chance IDK where your located. With this UBER NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ETHICS at all. There code of conduct is get them off the phone, ignore: TACTICS - hello, hello, are you there sir I can't hear you / can you hear me? you are aloud to talk to coworkers while on a call, transfer them to another co-worker.

OR JUST HANG UP. OK desperate you are doing all of what they tell you and you leave Georgia with a pro status. Tennessee your driving and really surprised at how good your doing in money wise being though its way smaller that Atlanta. Time comes for you to leave after 3 months in NO TICKETING TENNESSEE again your leaving a TOP PRO and heading back to the state that started it all - ATL.

2 time PRO - O to which you find out the hard way that the reason why your not getting TOP-PRO or even a PRO status is because when I came back to ATL It erased everything and zero'd me out. And from that time until they let 4 people out 2500 rides make the most - please make it make sense complaints. 1 said that I was doing illegal drugs in the car. OK when before they got in or after.

2. I was doing cash rides. OK how do you they know that? and how would I be able to do that if it was not them the tattler doing that.

3. And a rider said that I was under the influence. OK under what influence and when did they feel that way before or after all of every of my passengers made it to their location safely - YES less then 4 of them left with my words of advice. GET OUT.

I was used to making $1500 - $2000 a week. After coming back to ATL I made $1500 1 time never to be seen again. Riders have told me several time how much they paid for the ride but uber only gives you a 1/3 of that meaning that rider paid 36 dollars the diver got 12 dollars. Uber got the rest of that.

Not a problem when making the money to offset the thought of your being robbed. But they are going to find any excuse to keep you in a gold status, Hence they pocket the majority of all money. The break down of what is supposed to be customer service / support turns out to different levels of not being able to do anything. And I say this because of the system programmed to keep a certain group of people to consistently fail while they drive thinking after being told several times and getting several badges that your doing well so they give you a status.

EACH level is what determines the quality of service your going to receive and soon find out is the slick game of hiding behind an APP with not having any rule or regulation and can and do with always having your information to do what they want. And while you think you have rights and some control of your life. You know now that the days of customer comes first, the customer is always right, Or making it make sense - making it right. With BRONZE and SILVER the quality of service your getting is coming from someone that either just starting the job and they don't know what they are doing and eventually your going to get hung up on to call in again for it to happen several times over.

The 1 that don't understand anything and you keep repeating the problem over and over. The one that only hears what they want to and responds to something you never even mentioned. Or the 1 that really could care less because they freaking have a job. Most of all they mostly are in countries that don't have the "SO-CALLED" freedoms we have.

So getting anything done, fixed, repaid, changed, talk to, taken at into consideration is not in their D.N.A. or its just against laws of either country and the businesses that are funding them. YOUR NOT GETTING ANYTHING AND THEY CANNOT DO OR CHANGE OR FIX ANYTHING. Noted and sent off.

OOOOK your a PLATINUM DRIVER and the service your getting comes from the PRORITY TEAM to whom are little bit more sorry that your having to experience this and that if they can get it out. But they are trying because they know all that trying is going to get them acknowledge and that promotion is going to be theirs the next time they start passing them out. Your not getting hung up on as much, repeating still happens and the only definite your getting is they are going to look the 3 things they are allowed to see which has nothing to do with why your calling and they also have noted it and sent it over to that whom ever again and look out for your e-mail to have a message from whomever. AGIAIN nothing and no resolution.

Priority is your time of holding and or getting transferred 8 times to with someone telling that they took note to the situation are going to send it there prority team and look out for a message in your app from them. "NOTHING". Getting to PRO level you come to find out that everyone is a PRO driver. UBER has just as many SUPPOSED TO BE SUPERVISORS as they do PRO DRIVERS - Meaning your still getting nothing more nothing less than you were being bronze or silver and at times your in need of help.

Road side assistance isn't worth no more than someone taken 2 to 3 hours coming all to do is put a spare on that I hope most people know how to do themselves. Tell me how many times have your spoke to a supervisor that couldn't do anything, can't change nothing, has a WHOLE ATTITUDE, and again that can't do anything but notate that and send it over to now there special team that will take a look at it. so look out for a message in your app. But the message is on articles on what people may have looked up to get nowhere at all.

It didn't matter at all what the issue was "HELP" is not in their program. Words like Priority, Pro, Elite, Supervisor are words thrown out to make people feel some type of importance, an edge on the others, belonging, maybe a 1 percent increase in pay. For most they are never going to budge and they don't have to. Now that company supposedly has an office in San Fransisco but has no number you cannot contact anyone about the mistreatment that you the CONSUMER, APP'R, USER have been receiving.

WHO THE *** CARES cause the base is over seas in the first place. Its all a Facade that feeds to those that if this 1 thing works it will just fix the problem. At the same thing your knowing that you have the beginning of deep digging of your I am never going to get out of this whole "GRAVE". NO RULE NO REGULATIONS.

With that strategy they make billions to which they now are a large enough conglomerate that they franchise out as IDK but whatever it is but there was a vision and it gave birth for a now New 3rd party entity and powered in there own right a legal way of destroying anyone and everyone in its path. My account got suspended with no reasoning at all. Nope on driving, can't reserve a car to get anywhere, and what does driving have to do eats. I am allowed to resign up again but I think they are now asking for money to take a special class.

UBER/HERTZ. I drove uber with the help by renting a vehicle from ("HERTZ") I paid deposit and that week. More than $500 dollars! Hertz gave me a 2023 Grey Toyota Camary to I was happy happy happy.

I love Toyotas as a matter of fact my first car was a Toyota. It drove SOOOOO smooth and the room and space for everyone was perfect with a weekly payment of $368. Like I said in UBER I did 189 rides in my first week drove over 4000 miles congratulated several times and 500 5 stars. Atlanta, GA has to be 1 of if not highest when it comes down insurance costs.

Within a 5 mile span of highway you will have passed 5 accidents. Thanks to phone technology the attention spans of majority is just as equal to their patience and that's as far as their hand and if they wear glasses that depends if you are a closer or not close enough. I said all that to say is this my 1st Complaint on HERTZ. Now growing up there wasn't to many assistance when it came to driving.

Now there is an assistance for everything to the lane this lane that, back this up, and in most cases there is a 360 degree view of the car. Driving down the highway going 65 miles an hour coming up to THE "Grady Curb" with both hands on the wheel for better control of the car you proceed into the turn and out of nowhere here comes this van either driving to fast or maybe haven't been driving long enough to handle turns at all has slid into your lane to which you proceed to swerve away from having an accident at 65 miles an hour on a very popular highway going thru a very major city. As that is happening the LANE ASSIST is going to assist you back to the center of the lane because that's what its designed to do but it is not recognizing the van that is bum-rushing not paying attention *** you out. The only way to not get into an accident is by putting force against the programmed assistant which had some passengers over time to think that you really don't know how to drive or swerving to much and now your a drunk that riders are now starting to complain about to which its effecting your ratings in which most times they are not looking forward they are looking to as far as their attention spanned hand connectd to their phone.

I tried the drivers manual and nothing, I even took it a Toyota dealership and they told me they would take it off. Issue was that it wasn't my personal car. And NOONE at HERTZ could do it either and by the end of week 1 and my 2nd payment that I made in person I brought this up to HERTZ. And I gave them different scenes that I've experienced and what I didn't want my passengers to have to.

I was told that I haven't had the vehicle long enough and that I could leave that car there and wait for who knows long its going to be when they have another car. So Yep I drove off with hating the steering anything on any vehicle. Yes that means even the backup camera. Week 2 the 3rd payment made in person after driving 6000 miles thru a couple of conditions, the worst streets in America, and places that should have insurance for if anyone has to go down to pick anyone up.

Its been raining for 2 days the roads are wet and your car is sliding when you have to break fast for whatever, sliding when you proceed to move forward after stopping at the stop sign/ light, and will complete 360 degree turn when coming onto or getting off the already 360 degrees. Its 1 thing when I'm the only person in the car but when it happens several times and 1 day it was completely dry and that still happens with having passengers. First Steering Assistant now TIRES. I also in person brought that up to HERTZ and I was told that they DON"T swap out cars because of tires.

Which I don't understand this car without tires and why wouldn't they be covered because no tires what good is the car? So now this is when I'm introduced to the VOUCHER. What is your zip code? 30313.

Your now given a piece of paper which has 4 different places in the zip code you gave them and they say you can take the car to these 3 Maintenace providers or the 1 place I didn't need to see because they told me that I still had 4000 more miles for an oil change. So I go to 1, 2, 3, places that are on the piece of paper and they are all booked and its going to be days until they could get to your car. "Dummy" you live in Atlanta and HERTZ is paying for it and time for mechanics working out another s money getting of sticking it to HERTZ finding things that didn't need to be fixed but they said it did. And now they have appointments out the ying-yang.

REALITY is REAL being and seeing the many people coming, sitting waiting, and leaving. Its all a game and the individual is the victim with losing out on time and money not to mention that your experience with UBER/HERTZ was going great but now but soon turns out to be some of the very worst ever 1st time situations experience in my 46 years. Here we are on week 3 and the 4th payment made in person. I have now driven over the 4000 miles for the oil change, I have put on the car 12,000 miles, made come to find out 10,000 dollars as well.

It gotten to the point the tires were so worn that I was at the air pump 3 times a day. So I took the car to hertz and told them what the issue is and have been going on with the tires lets not forget the GOT DAYMN STEERING ASSIT headache. I was told to buy fix a flat again being told that switching was not going to happen and I'd have to wait for one of the maintenance providers to have an opening again asking me for my zip code getting the same 4 providers as the 1st, 2nd, and third time. That was on a Friday.

I always said to them that the 1 thing I'd hate to is for anything to happen to which I'd be left some where with trying to figure out how to get home. Sunday I am driving down 1 of the highways and tire #1 blows out. I call uber and they tell me that its going to be 2 hours for them to come just to put a spare on. Not another tire.

Until you get that tire replaced and pictures are sent. YOUR NOT GOING ONLINE on hold 48 hours. Call into hertz they are going to charge you like $100 dollars just to show up 2 to 3 hours later just to put the spare if your car has 1 on the car. It took me n hour to get the spare off because the screw was plastic and the part you needed was the iron steel that wore the plastic down that it was unable to turn.

Got it on and since it was so late I didn't know where I was and to late to be driving around wasting gas on top of not being able to make money I pulled over to a gas station and fell asleep. Monday I wake to get a coffee got into the car to press my luck with driving on the spare because I didn't have that much money because of UBER'S Slave driven policies and again with no RULES or REGULATIONS I felt like I was drowning. Getting back to the morning of Monday I proceed to make a right turn out of the parking lot and probably mad it if a quarter of a mile down the street then TIRE #2 blows out on me. So now I have a dummy on the passenger front side and a flat on the passenger back side.

Call into HERTZ and I was told that they can come tow the car I go on to ask well what about me and they told me that I'd have to figure it out they weren't allowed to have anyone in the trucks. So it comes down to choice. I had on me the money I was going to pay the car with since now my day for payment was now on Monday's. Its about 7 - 8 am.

I go to find a tire place and bought 2 used tires that costs me $100 dollars. Because of that I am short on my payment so I decide to just be late on my payment. I drove the rest of Monday. Then and again here it is Tuesday morning and I am going into the HERTZ location to now make another payment and to bring these issues thats been happening.

And this time I wanted to talk to the HBIC. Miss Kimberly Johnson. Ok well that didn't happen because I was now NOT allowed to make a payment because after all this time I have to go and get the car maintenance. Now on this very day I was introduced to people really just don't care to give you all your options and for 4 weeks and 5 payments later to now be told that you could found another provider in another location.

Mouth dropped to the floor because why didn't anyone say that. On top of needing tires I needed breaks because of the 2 tire blow outs back to back it wore on the breaks bad as well as having been driving over 15,000 miles in 4 weeks. I came back on Friday and couldn't do it anymore it was taking to long and to many days out of my being able to drive and make money. And how I felt the unfairness of the process especially when I have came into the location once a week with the issues I having and I kept getting a voucher that was 4 places and blah blah blah.

They know the deal and at this time I am feeling that this is a game plan. So I went on ahead and went to find another mechanic. I went and called a place and in front of the Hertz worker and we both heard her say that they were open and ready for ya. I am on my way.

It only takes me 10 minuts to get there and why when I pull up they are telling me that there systems had just went down and they are not going to be able to do anything until the next day. And that was not true either because I went. So getting back to Friday I went back to the Hertz location. The back and forth with the worker because I came in to make a payment and I was told that I needed to get the car Maintenaced and I tried and tried and its taking away from time and money.

Any who again going back and forth with her she gets to the point that askes me what it is that I wanted and I told her I wanted to be able to pay for the my week so she goes and taps a the computer and then says declined. NO run it again I have the money she does it again and comes back declined. Well I go take a look into my account and see that my account is now in the red. Why is that is Hertz took the money and had it the while meaning that the week was already paid for.

But to the rep behind the counter she wanted to try to embarrassed someone by getting loud and the threats of if you leave then I was taking the risk of there being a repo put on me and the car and I was going to be charged for that. After the 30 mins of nothing I left and went bout my business. Sunday Uber has me on the longest trips ever and this particular trip took me out so far that I wasn't going to make it back to the city. I took that trip and noticed that my breaks were really going out.

Coming to a light or sign you'd put foot on the breaks and the car kept moving. There were time the car stopped in the middle of the intersection. So I went to pull over at a QT again where people to rest or even take a nap and don't have to worry about being bothered. O no not at this QT.

Why was I woken to a worker screaming at me telling me that I was not allowed to sleep there and that I needed to get off the property or he was going to call the police. So I proceeded to leave which I should have just let the man call the police because it would have saved me from getting into my very first car accident. As I am leaving the QT and as tired as I was I tried to foot the break and the car crossed over jumped the curb I went down a hill, thru a tree to continued down the hill and free fell off a wall landing on some construction clean-up which prevented me from going into a wall belonging to a business. Get this why did only the Chamblee police and fire dept come to sit there for an hour to be told that the EMT's wasn't coming because they were short 2 E.M.T's.

So my fear came to reality when I was left on a corner by the Chamblee PD and fire dept and I was left there to figure it out. And yes I did go back over to the QT and wasn't his *** still there so I just had a couple of words for him and what he could have prevented but instead his threats of calling the PD department and not being able to see past his own whatever *** And as I walked out the door low and behold the wrecker pulled up with my car on the back. And I told that driver of the wrecker to show that Ma Tha FuckERRRRR what could have been prevented. Thank you sir who ever you are that got the uber for me back to a safe place.

GOD BLESS YOU!!! Never have ever I heard from anyone either from Uber or Hertz. And getting in contact with location HERTZ is SOOOOO IMPOSSIBLE. Not to mention I basically I owned was in the trunk.

Clothes, that I had of my bff who just passed, things I got from packing my sister up and her moving to Mexico. About $1500 dollars of stuff and my license was in the door. So after calling Hertz/UBER I eventually made it to the Hertz/UBER and I was told by the Uber/Hertz operator that since I had full coverage and I still had days left that I could go get another car. Because the car was fully covered and at this time I am so far gone off what's going on in my life personally and to add victim of 2 tire blow outs and now a physical accident to the pot.

I know life happens but hold up now these situations COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED. ANY OF THE WEEKS I WENT INTO THE LOCATION. AND YES I DID GO THE FLIP OFF AND HAD TO REMIND EVERYONE AT THAT LOCATION DON'T ACT LIKE YALL DID NOT SEE ME ONCE A WEEK WITH THE SAME 3 COMLAINTS. Now everyone wants to look stupid and now Big girl MISS Kimberly Johnson wants to waddle her *** from the back.

As i gave her the rundown and the results of what the rep on the phone is telling me Miss Johnson is not trying to hear that. Back and fourth with 3 different reps over the phone telling me 1 thing go pay for a car and get to the location and here it was 3 times and nothing. 2 weeks later i had to pay them $360.00 dollars then they gave me another Vehicle and guess what happened. OF COURSE sitting at the gas station 15 mins later the guy says your tire is flat.

GTFOH no its not and OMMFG tire flat. Call it in to HERTZ they gave me a voucher and I put air in the tire and made it to Keystone. 9 hours later and finding out what the sensor really is and totally amazed REALLY. But damn all day and after calling it in Uber again has the 48 hour thing and of course I get put on it.

SO the day I get to driving I am going down the street and here this truck comes and got too close and why did my passenger side mirror disintegrate like it was never there. Another 48 hours. Now I am at the point that I didn't get a chance to make any money because of tires and holds and so in 1 day I done my 30 rides and rode on out of the GA until i came back 3 months later. ("AVIS") Here I am today and I have rented from AVIS and with them I was driving a car that I had for a week and a half until getting pulled over from the Sherrif and the Metro PD of Nashville.

And their reasoning was the tag did not go with the car i was driving. And in between that I took the car back to rented location they did go all out of the way to prove the fact that the tag did go with the car. But when the Metro PD got to me he told me to home and get the car towed back to the location. I got my pack of cigarettes and did just that.

The 5 day wait for another vehicle was torture but I got another vehicle and I was very surprised. But the 2023 Chevy Malibu took me by Suprise. I mean I liked that car. The gas mileage was top dawg.

as much as I drove I only had to fill up once. Now I did 26 trips so I needed 4 more trips to make 30 and get the *** out of NONE TICKETING TENNEESSEE. Feb 8th I picked up the car at 9am and dropping off the 29th and on the way to 30. Accident #2 BAMMMM from the passenger side and I did a 395.

No not 360 degrees I mean he hit me so hard that's where the extra degreeage came from. Police comes and can't do anything because we were in a parking lot. Nope on the paramedics nope ticket. I go the Emergency Room.

But that's for another topic. OK So with these 4 Uber/LYFT - AVIS/HERTZ. At the top of the pyramid there's UBER/LYFT gave birth to the new HERTZ/AVIS everything is going thru the app and they both have the nerve to make you sign up to be a member and for what? It wont and don't change anything.

Now both Uber and Lyft gives their own business debt card A BUSINESS DEBT card. And that's just so anyone who you give any information about those cards to your trapped then looking at how are you in the whole especially with their cards. Calling and fixing anything IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Just signing up already given you the dummy check.

So I have both cards Uber and Lyft and they both sit in the negitive and why is that when I already made the money. It was there but this is the introduction to the underline *** They are what I call third party white collar crimes that were birthed from Uber-Lyft to Hertz-Avis down HyreCar, Flexdrive, GIGCar, and what ever trifolent M'Fer out trying to make another quick buck off another broke ma tha *** and the broke ma tha *** er is trying to get out of a slump. There are NOPE PROTECTIONS FOR US AT ALL. GigCar- I rented a car from them that I was paying $450.00 a week it only hade 350 miles on it RIGHT.

3 days later why did the tire EXPLODED. I didn't know that a tire could make that loud of a noise. GIG Car told me that they don't do tires. Tire #3 bought a whole day taken from they still get paid for that day because they say you still had the car WTF type of B.S is that.

OK so they supposedly to it off my weekly total so whatever I get to the point to call in and take care of the total and with the GIGCar guy on the phone the money was taken out and i got a confirmation and everything. So why when the following week came and I went to pay for what I wanted to be my last week with the dumb *** I went to sleep being in the positive and woke up $275.00 in the whole and why. GIGCAr got paid last week with me on the phone but the day before the payment they told me and chime that there was an oops and it was sent back. but when it was sent back it was taken out and with that took my *** money.

BUt gig car sees it as they only got 1 payment *** the fact that they *** my positive account to a negative and guess who that falls all on EVEN with chime on the phone. So I went from now owing them after they got me in the hole I have NOPE money can't even put gas in the car I am now supposed to pay them $1899.00 dollars. How the *** And what about my account they get away with the help from chime and not have to fix a GOT DAYMN THING IN MY ACCOUNT so I get call card in stolen and they gave me a new account and number. Let me say that I gave up $200 deposit and same time gave $450.00 just to get the *** Where is the help at.

Cant Call no one after they put you in the whole they blocked me from calling they no nothing at all. And that goes for Uber, Lyft and there *** so called bank cards. Again thats another topic. Cards that you cant use until you put money on but everyone else can come swipe the *** out f your 500 dollar limit but they swiped 6000 dollars still you cannot get 520 off your card.

insufficient funds is what you got but. Your card paid them and now you owe both of them. So I went to HyreCAR another dealer getting over on *** cars that was never ever inspected by LYFT / UBER or hyrecar themselves. But theses vehicles are allowed to be on the road as rideshare vehicles.

Ok I was giving a car more filthier than anything I ever seen. But he gave it to me to do drive share with. Inside the car the seats looked like they were fighting with a knife and the knife won. Again I am renting for ride share.

to put people in these cars. So I went out and bout seat covers it took me a day just to get it where I felt save to ride people. The head lights go out then the break lights go out on me. So I call the place I got the rental for them to tell me to ride with the high beams on and theyll see about fixing it but its of course Friday and they are not open on the weekends.

So all weekend I am trying to drive and go to this Automart to that Automart for no one to have the damn fuse, bulb to anything. So come Monday i had to drive 2 hours to get to the lot to get another car thats totally rudefully disgusting I mean come the *** on. I took videos of me cleaning this car out to stressed the *** out. But again I am trying to do rideshare for Uber and Lyft none inspection of these cars.

Every day i take out of having too do any type of Maintenace why do i get charged for the day. but everyone still gets the but me. or a car that is not mine but belongs to the place I am renting for a car that I am renting I should not be charged for *** but they still get PAID AND I AM SITTING ON TOP OF *** UP BROKE AS ***

To whom gets this far there is a lot more to this but I would think that there is enough here to get the just of how the everyday person that is trying to get to fix or even get out of a slump is never going to get out due to being preyed upon by the criminal, lazy, don't give a dam. But this time they are all thru these app's that have no number that you have to e-mail or the don't help *** help in your app.

Most of these app's are based out side of the country and handled by THE WEAK that are running and the app gives them the place to hide safely never to be caught. And now it needs to stop. I am sending out to every news outlet blogg and so fourth. These organizations need to stopped and burned to the ground.

WHOS READY TO FIGHT this war that can be won and power gets put back in the hand of the very people these businesses are getting off of. They need us before we need them there would be not a *** business if there were not a *** person with not a *** dollar

User's recommendation: be smart and ask for the maintenance report that its the law for you to have if asked. They dont have it then they are fraud.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: O there to be an oversite of them and I want to be compensated for all the times that my situation could have been prevented. .

Uber Cons: No customer care or service at all.

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