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I just started driving for you two weeks ago and was really happy doing it till I noticed when I was getting ready to complete all the requirements to be upgraded to Gold from Blue. I noticed that my acceptance rate had gone down to 80% after checking this I saw that I had not accepted 7 rides on my first day which was wrong I had only not accepted 2 which I didn't know I could accept another ride while delivering one not completed yet.

My passenger told me of this so I started accepting all of them. Then on Friday I was on my way with what was going to be my last ride and declined 3 rides so this is a total of 5 that I didn't accept. You have me listed as not accepting 23 which is totally wrong. I went and checked some more of your statistics and found you have me accepting 100 and declining 23 on the Acceptance rate page of 81% then on the Points page you have me making 76 for 1 point then 16 for 3 points which adds up to 124 points and 92 rides so there proof that your tracking is wrong so please if you want me to continue driving for you change my status from Blue to Gold seeing I have met all your requirements.

I have tried over and over to talk to you help support people but they just transfer me to different people over and over and nobody will connect me to a manager or the correct people to correct this.

I have all my paperwork to start driving for Lyft so the ball is in your corner on who I will work for. My Star Rating is 4.92* and have a cancelation rate of 0%

I stayed on hold over and over the other day for 40 minutes and still no help you really need to work on your help support.

Location: Robstown, Texas

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