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I would like to inform you that, off late, Uber service in Bangalore has sunk to dismal levels. This is most unfortunate & currently I am looking for options.

Even when a car is pre-booked it rarely shows up nor does the driver have the courtesy to call & let me know he has cancelled the trip. I almost missed my flight overseas last week. Even getting an Uber for local use is a challenge. At the time of booking the tracking on the app shows the vehicle is about 4 mins away.

I go to the main gate of my apartment & wait so that the driver does not have to wait for me. No one shows up & then I see a text msg telling me the car is now 15 mins away!!!! How can this happen??? I experienced this three consecutive times & this unacceptable.

The Uber Customer Service number given on your web is either impossible to get thru or recording tells me this number does not exist! Most of the vehicles I have so far used are not very clean & seats have tear marks. Does anyone responsible ever care to check the conditions of the car Uber partners deploy?? Now I dont use your service to go to the airport or return from the airport.

I used an airport taxi sometime back & the vehicle was very clean & driver very punctual. If I give him about 6 hrs notice, no matter what time I have to leave my apartment, he is there. Similarly I call him about 6 hrs before I arrive in Kempa Gowda International Airport & when I come out of the terminal he will be there. Unfortunately, since he is driving an airport taxi, he can only shuttle between the airport & residence otherwise I would have completely switched to his service.

I dont know if you will get to read this email but if you do, I strongly suggest you take remedial measures or you may start losing customers.

At one time, not so long back, Uber service was very good & dependable.

My email ID is menon@***.com. I am sharing this with you in case you care to respond.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Uber Pros: No customer service.

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