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I was aware that the driver could have dropped off my phone. Also aware that the next ride could have been the person who stole the phone, but I believe there was a moment specifically when family and friends called phone numerous times within 10 to 15 minutes of my drop off time that the driver could have gotten the phone and brought it back.

Your policy says that the rider pays $15.00 for something returned. I would have gladly paid this. Instead, I paid $249.00 with insurance to receive another phone. Also the stress of worrying my accounts would be compromised.

I find this could have been avoided if the rules or policies included checking the vehicle for things before they pick up the next rider. This happened at a time when I had no vehicle due to car repairs. I am so upset as this is a time we have to watch our money even more than usual due to it being Christmas time. I dont believe I will be using Uber again.

This driver drove 45 mph in a 30 in a neighborhood.

My ride was #8112 on Tuesday December 14th in Fort Myers Florida and her name was Tania. I feel I should be compensated.

User's recommendation: Be careful who you trust.

Location: Fort Myers, Florida

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If he has to pick up someone else he won't return it to you at your convivence. It is the holidays and he is probably busy.

Why should the driver be the one to check the vehicle? . Whatever happened to you checking the seat to see if you left anything behind? This would have been avoided if you were not so careless and checked the seat yourself before leaving the vehicle.

The only person that you should be upset at is yourself for being careless. You say you will not be using UBER again, well guess what, there are posts to LYFT about the same thing. Letters from children and childish adults who take no responsibility in their being careless. They basically want the driver to drop off their lost phone, wallet, medication etc.

at when it is best for them. Not the driver. You were careless, you left your phone behind. Why should you be compensated for being careless?

Why should you be compensated for your stupidity. The last time I checked the terms you have to be 16 to 18 to get an UBER, not two, so why behave like a two year old?


Your fault for being careless.

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