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The driver Ken arrived to pick me up at 5am with his explicit rap music blaring, he didnt have a mask on. He had no air on until we got to the highway.

He Continued playing his explicit rap music loudly throughout the entire 30-40 minute ride. He immediately made a unturn at a red light. Then halfway through the ride he decided to smoke or vape even though the smoke made me cough.

I used drive for Uber and was completely appalled at this drivers actions and I dont feel I should have to pay for unpleasant, potentially dangerous ride. I am asking for a refund without it affecting my rating unless your quality of service has declined to that level and if so I will use alternative methods of transportation


Monetary Loss: $39.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Despite him listening to the explicit rap music and wearing no mask, you still got in the car. It is obvious that these were not really concerning issues.

You are just using them to get a free ride. Honestly if you cannot afford an Uber hitch hike, take public transit, or walk to your place of destination.


"he didnt have a mask on" Which clearly MEANS NOTHING to you. After all, you got in.

If the music + no mask was such an issue, you would have passed on the ride and found another way. Listen, "you ate the steak, you have to pay for it." The next time something like this happens, put your "safety" above all else, don't get into the car, and find another way to where you needed to be.

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