My adult son, who has a disability, was scheduled to be picked up from his sedation dental appt at 9:45 am on 03/21 by Uber . Because he is non verbal and autistic I accompanied him to his appt and was riding with him.

We were contacted by Uber about 9:36 that our ride was 6 minutes away. But after waiting over 30 minutes our ride never showed up. We were left with no choice but to find our own way home from an unfamiliar neighborhood when the Uber driver did not answer my calls . We live about 30-40 minutes away from the dentists office.

We had to use public transportation and it took us 3 hours to reach our home. My son had had nothing to eat in over 12 hours. Our ride home consisted of 2 busses and a subway and involved crossing 2 major highways to reach the subway and climbing up 2 steep escalators to get to the train. If this had been bad weather or at night or both We could have been even worse off.

I am 75 years and had I injured my leg 2 days earlier and had difficulty not just with my own walking but safely guiding my son who is a full foot taller than me and outweighs me by over 100 lbs. This is the position we were put in by Uber and we will never use their services again.

User's recommendation: Don't rely on Uber.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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