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Ive tried all of your Suggested methods. This is not an accident related issue.

Your company promised me a refund back in September 2020. I was new to using Uber. Your company promised me a 25% one time discount on a fair that you subsequently Never honored your response and commitment to the refund. I took it upon myself two call my credit card bank and send them your response Which detailed your commitment to the 25% discount on the said Occurrence.

After I took this action, Uber blocked my use of your Services until I reimbursed The refund promised by your organization and never delivered. What do I have to do I have to do to get this refund without you blocking my future needs for your service? I bring this up now because this is the second time in a row that Ive Used Uber eats and you screwed up another order. You dont take care of any mishaps be it Uber eats or Uber in general.

I am really pissed off. You dont have a number that I can call and directly take you to any incidents where you have failed to honor any transaction with your customers in good faith. Im really getting tired of this. When I try to get satisfaction from my credit card company, they research it, reach out to you, and Uber does nothing.

My credit card company will reverse my charges on good faith because Ive never carried a balance on my card in my lifetime. I pay in full every month since Ive owned the card. Once again Uber blocks me from future services each time I have a dispute which has only been three times in the past year. Youve acknowledged my disputes, You've approved me Credit on these disputes, but you have never followed through on these disputes where you would actually credit my account through my credit card.

What do I have to do? Im really angry. I normally at this point, Would be throwing out inappropriate language that Has no use for customer service promised and yet to be actually delivered. How do I get in touch with you, to get some promised reimbursement?

My phone number is 412-535-****.Do you have a phone number? Do I have to beg you to honor your prior commitments? Im trying to be rational here. Give me some time, give me a lot of time, & I will not be as friendly.

I know youre a big company. Just remember how much I use your company money yearly, monthly, and weekly basis. If you make me beg, I promise to *** and back, thats will get kicked up to a level you wont believe. Its not a threat.

I need you to honor your commitments. And Im tired of getting screwed By only a few mishaps that you promised to reimburse and honor, yet have done nothing, except To block me from future Uber rides or delivery because I had To actually call my credit card company two block payments on commitments that Uber made and did not honor their commitment. Do you know how embarrassing that is for me? Do you even give a crap?

In 40 years of owning a credit card I may have had to make a call 5 time to dispute A wrongful charge. In 40 years your company is two of them. I have never carried a balance in 40 years. I am about to lose my shit.

Someone better call me. I will reverse my charges again.

Dont embarrass me with my credit card company, bank, and credit history, or I will easily Personally visit each and everyone of your Board of Directors. Now do whats right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uber Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $55.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Pros: Reliable.

Uber Cons: No order delivery.

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