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Is uber running cars in hot springs Arkansas at this time?

1 answer
Uber is available in Little Rock, Conway, Hot Springs, Pine Bluff, and other areas.

Where can I get Uber vehicle inspection

Not a complain; want to know where to get my vehicle inspected to drive for Uber.

1 answer
Activate your vehicle at an Uber Greenlight Hub or find an inspection center to schedule an annual vehicle inspection. Inspection requirements vary by city. Go to

Free ride for caregivers

Tataneia D

Do to the coronavirus i still have to work because im a home caregiver. And i would like to know or your still doing free ride from home to work and back?

0 answers

Will there be a Uber driver

Will there be a Uber driver driving in South bend

1 answer
Your question seems to be quite specific. There are drivers working in South bend. Try to contact Uber customer service via email

Can I work with regular plates

Menachem G

I like to work with uber with regular plates

0 answers

My area is scary, everything, closed

Robenson C

Do I need to be on the road, it’s a critical moment, nobody move, what’s the advice, is there any incentive available for the drivers..

0 answers

How can I change my telephone number

I'm trying to change my telephone number

1 answer
In order to change your phone number on Uber,
  • enter the side menu on the left side of the app.
  • select Settings.
  • tap your name, this will bring you to EDIT ACCOUNT. Here you will be able to make changes to your personal information, including your phone number

Is it possible to get Uber to and from work every day for discount

Kathy o Ccv

My daughter needs a ride to and from work 6 days a week, total distance is approximately 8-10 miles. Is there any other options for paying for a week or month in advance for discount price

0 answers

Needing someone picked up but no phone to let them know that they are there

Eva M Ays

Can the driver go to the door and let the person know that they are there to pick them up if they don't have a phone

0 answers

How can open my app

Hailemariam D

0 answers

I want to request a female driver

Janice H Xrb

How do I request a female driver to and from the airport? Can Uber pick up 2 people together?

0 answers

driver has my phone

Emanuel S Bfk

I used uber Saturday evening and left my phone inside the uber drivers vehicle. I called the driver thru the app and he spoke almost no English but said he had my phone and was taking it to the office for uber.

I cannot get a number for the office. ?

0 answers

Does Uber allow dogs in thier vehicle.

1 answer
According to the Uber help section, service animals are permitted to accompany riders at all times. If you're planning to ride with a non-service pet, it's good practice to contact the driver who accepts your ride request. Use your app to send a text message or call to let the driver know you'd like to bring a pet.


Wakil Z

I can't sign in

The app told me this email has been taken

I know is taken

I'm sign in but I change my phone number

Can you help me, please?

0 answers

What year do your car have to be to uber

1 answer
According to the general Uber requirements posted at, a vehicle must be at most 15 years old or younger. UberSelect requires the vehicle to be of the year 2007 or newer. UberBLACK and UberSUV require the vehicle to be of the year 2012 or newer.

I need someone to pick my father from but from the Greyhound Bus in Hickory North Carolina

I need someone to take my father from Peyton who North Carolina bring him Greyhound from the Greyhound bus to my house To Newton NC 28658

1 answer
According to the Uber Help center, you may contact your driver by placing a free call directly within the Uber app. You may use this option to provide the details of your trip.
To make a free call via the Uber app, please follow these steps:
  • Tap the phone icon from the bottom left of your screen;
  • Select 'FREE CALL';
  • If it's your first time using the 'FREE CALL' option, you'll need to grant permission to your phone's microphone.


Why every time I try to change my ride pass it keeps telling me an issue happened on their end

I am trying to turn off the ride pass on my app and it keep saying there is an issue on Uber’s end.

1 answer
According to 'Canceling a Ride Pass' article posted at, you can cancel or turn off auto-renewal within the app up to 24 hours prior to the next scheduled payment without being charged. To do this, please follow these steps:
  • Go to the Ride Pass section under the Uber app menu;
  • Tap to toggle 'Turn renewal off'.

Unfortunately, Uber does not provide any information about possible issues when canceling the ride pass on the company website. Please contact the Uber customer care team for assistance. You may try to reach out to them by phone at (800) 353-8237 (toll-free) number, by email at or via the support form at

How can l get my phone lost in driver's car

Around 6:00 PM l took uber from the Giant to 4171 king Geodge dr l ost in my phone because l was rushing. can l get it? thx

1 answer
According to the Uber 'I left my phone in a car' article, if you lost your phone in the driver's car, you should report the lost item in their own Uber app. You can select the trip from your trip history, tap 'I lost an item', then tap 'Contact driver about a lost item' to provide your phone number.
If you cannot sign in to your Uber account, please fill out the information on the 'I left my phone in a car' page at
Please note that for security reasons, Uber will need to verify your identity and account in order to help. Moreover, a $15 fee should be charged to your account once your lost item is returned to pay a driver for their time.


I filled everything out for my Uber application but I haven’t received any other step I have to follow to start driving.

1 answer
As stated at, Uber application consists of the following steps:
  • Sign up to drive for Uber;
  • Provide your contact details;
  • Do you have a qualified vehicle;
  • Provide your social security number;
  • Approve the terms required for the background check;
  • Upload a photo of your driver’s license;
  • Have you had your driver’s license for 1 year?;
  • Provide proof of auto insurance;
  • Provide proof of vehicle registration;
  • Download the Uber Partner (Driver) App;

As soon as the application process is completed, Uber may need up to 48 hours to review your documentation.
If there are any problems, Uber should send you a text message and you can re-upload the document. The background check usually takes from several days to several weeks.
You may log into the Uber partner website at to check the status of your application.

How I can star working for you?


1 answer
According to the Uber Help center, before you can start driving for Uber as an independent contractor is to fill out an Uber application. You will need to provide the following documents:
  • Your driver’s license;
  • Your vehicle insurance identification card (proof of insurance card);
  • Your vehicle registration.

As stated at, to become the Uber driver you will also need to:
  • sign up and check if Uber operates in your area;
  • provide your contact details;
  • confirm your vehicle meets your city's requirements;
  • provide your social security number;
  • upload the required documents;
  • download the Uber Partner (Driver) App.

It may take from several days to several weeks to process your application. To check the status of your application, please log into the Uber partner website at
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