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Can I pay cash

Can I pay cash for a ride.

7 answers
Uber has two such bugs, due to which you probably cause millions of losses every day, but you are unaware of these small bugs,
I need my money back for the app paid from I don't it took my money off card what but I need my money back I never use the the ride I don't need no ride I need my money back
@PissedConsumer2114298 It does the same thing to me it just too 100 dollars out my account! For the second time in a row!!!
Get me help with my $70 gift card I've never used. This is a damn shame. Uber stinks. This customer service is a bunch of crap.
I had order a Uber and canceled it 2 ubers I need my money back my refund I never got in the Uber I canceled it so I’m gonna need my money back

According to Uber Help, you can pay with cash by selecting this option in the "Payment Methods" menu after entering the address. This option appears in your account automatically if you are in a city where a cash payment method is available.
Please note switching the method of payment from cash to the card and back is impossible after your trip is requested.
The app shows a calculated fare according to the addresses you've entered.
My granddaughter is traveling to Austin by Great Hound and is arriving at 2am can I pay now for umber driver to take her Concordia University
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How to get unblocked

Reva K

I'm trying to continue to drive for uber eat and get my account back please.. what are the requirements

0 answers

How can get my driver mobile number

Shyam D Qqe

I forgot my redmi bluetooth headset on the back seat of the car. Its a white case and left on the right side of rear seat.

I tried calling the driver and uber help center but ther is no response. Driver name : GovidaRaju

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do you have any service from Bronson to St Louis that will accommodate 11 persons


We have a baseball team from the Bahamas who need to get from Bronson Mo to St Louis Mo on the 11th of August to catch a flight at 6 am.

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How do I get a refund?

Viviana G Cci

Uber technologies chared my card twice for $9.99 not sure what thats from. I dont use uber services. Who am I supposed to contact ?

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Why you given on me fine

Avnish K Cmt

I have not cancelled my cab on the after confirm your driver I canceled cab this is not my mistake but you provide fine on my no

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Uber agent

Shamim A Erj

Im live In Ireland .I have 5 cities taxi license galway Cork Dublin limerick and Waterford .im geting more city I'm looking for Uber agent in Ireland Shamim ali 086060****

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I do not want my credit card left on urber

I allowed a one time service I do not want my card left on file it was ok for one time from the phone # 856-889-**** My name is Bernice Hensley my phone # is 856-562-**** That was a one time use on 07/22/2022 Thank you

1 answer
I already submitted my request I would like an email to confirm my request brh317@***.net I allowed a one time ride for urber pick up on 07/22/2022 or a phone call me at 856-562-**** thank you .

I have changed my phone number. The app is wanting to send a code to my old phone number

David I Dcl

App is wanting to send code to my old phone number. I no longer have this phone.

What do I do? Thanks

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Can my Uber cash be put back on card for someone else to use

Sassha R

Friend bought card put it on her account but doesn’t have ID so need it back so someone else can order ride

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Why do they charge extra?

Kirtan J

at first there's only 30 rs and when we get off they charge directly 50 rs.... Like what the *** is going on.... You should have some kinda manners and sensibility

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How can I get my money back

Anjaly M

I need my money back i. Had paid twice for previous trip.

Through cash on that same day and today also they told there was a pending amount of the previous trip.i already paid 450 cash to that driver for the previous trip. Then why today they charged extra for previous trip.

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I have a question regarding 2 trips unauthorized that were charged to my account

Joyce A Hfx

I have 3 charges that were placed on my credit card and I did not use Uber. 111111****111111****111111****111

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Can i talk


My fare was changed 60 rs more after ride. So please refund and ac was not on during the ride this amount refund

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How do I get my refund

Linda J Kzs

I did not authorize $9.99 uber pass 7/3/22. How do I get my refund.

How did this happen? Please do not let it happen again.

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Rider cancel the ride and cancel chreges pay me because?


Rider cancel my ride then the cancellation charges pay me? I unhappy with your service Your rider also demand extra money and says pay extra

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I had an extra trip charge

Arundas G

I had a trip yesterday at 3 pm. The trip was completed and I paid the exact amount INR 80 but still it is showing in my app as unpaid.

The reason behind is the driver didn't update the payment. Kindly check and revert back me soon.

Because of this issue I am unable to make any other ride. The driver name is Lakshmi narayana.

0 answers

Anomalies of rent

Bipul B Vzz

Today I have booked a uber moto to sukleswar Mandir panbazar Ghy.At the time of booking the rent shows Rs 65.I have paid Rs 70 .After 5 min the driver call me that the fare increased to 133 and I have to pay remaining amount.Then I have asked him how much have I to pay.He demanded me to pay Rs 50 more.My question is why it shows 65 at the time of booking and 133 at the time of final payment and the driver demand Rs 120 ie Rs 13 less.Is it a fraud case

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I need my refund now please

Tyrone H Nui

I’ve been trying to speak to someone to get a refund if I can please have my refund back I’ve had two different experiences My ride came waited and never let me know he was here second took way too long and was told it was because talkative customers mad me late and stranded where I took Uber to

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I have forgotten my parcel in the Uber cab how can I contact the driver

Ranjana D Pza

My friend have forgotten my parcel in the Uber cab have already requested after I finished the trip in the app but still haven’t received any call from Uber

0 answers
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