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Can I pay cash

Can I pay cash for a ride.

5 answers
I need my money back for the app paid from I don't it took my money off card what but I need my money back I never use the the ride I don't need no ride I need my money back
Get me help with my $70 gift card I've never used. This is a damn shame. Uber stinks. This customer service is a bunch of crap.
I had order a Uber and canceled it 2 ubers I need my money back my refund I never got in the Uber I canceled it so I’m gonna need my money back

According to Uber Help, you can pay with cash by selecting this option in the "Payment Methods" menu after entering the address. This option appears in your account automatically if you are in a city where a cash payment method is available.
Please note switching the method of payment from cash to the card and back is impossible after your trip is requested.
The app shows a calculated fare according to the addresses you've entered.
My granddaughter is traveling to Austin by Great Hound and is arriving at 2am can I pay now for umber driver to take her Concordia University
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Why can’t I use the app with any of my cards

by Charlene S Rne

It keep getting a error message It’s happened in the past and it was fix quickly But not this time I haven’t been able to order for weeks

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How can I get back my goods

by Hossain M Jsu

Dear Customer service provider Yesterday evening I have hired a Uber Taxi from Aparna kanopy Tulip , Gundlapanchampalli to Husain Sagar at 5:10pm. When I dropped I forgot to take my white polythene bag, In my bag I had my power bank one Chips , water bottle and sanitizer .

That driver did not call me back.

Please help me to collect those thins from driver. His name was Jangam Kumar

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How can I get my refund after I canceled my plan with Uber it charges me 99 dollars

by Angelique M Svj

I canceled my plan for 99 dollars with Uber and it still came off my card! Is there anyway I can get a refund !

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Gift card wasn’t applied

by Jeff R Lru

Hello.. for my trip on 1/7/22 I applied a gift card and the app said it was accepted but when I checked my receipt and credit card statement my credit card was charged the full amount and the gift card was apparently not applied.

Please help. Thank you

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How can i get in contact with uber?

by Maryam M Lpe

I try to find Email address, or call to few numbers to talk to someone but only go to answering machine and I'm not able to talk to anyone.

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Can I use uber driver aap for part time job ?

by Manoj Kumar B Ako

My name is Manoj Kumar Biswas. my question is Can I use uber driver aap for part time job ? I have won bike.

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How to get invoice receipts for previous rides?

by Aakanksha N

Can you please mail my invoice receipts for last two uber trips please? Mail ID: aakanksha.n218@***.com

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How can cancel show pay amount

by Rajesh S Jwe

How can cancel show pay amount which amount show this amount after show trip cancel by driver. Please inbto this matter and short out as soon as possible

0 answers

Car accepting

by Mohammed A Cst

Hello I want to buy a camry 2007 so just I want to make sure if uber accept like this year to work with you guys Thank you Mohammed Alsaad

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If someone is in another state can I order an uber for them

by Jose C Gpd

The person who I’m talking about is in another state and needs a ride to the airport. So if I could pay for their ride it could be useful

0 answers

How do I use my Uber cash

by Veronica C Eno

I don’t know how to use my Uber cash and I have a plane to catch at 1246pm and I need to there by 1100 o clock

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My que. Is driver not pick the customer but rent is demand the company. Why.

by Nitin pandey P

I book uber but deiver is not pick - companynis demand the money why. And next driver not accept. Why?

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Driver a little frustrated

by Anthony D Qyh

So today ive had 2 orders cancel as i was pulling up & one order already been picked up prior to my arrival. Im pretty disapointed that i went out of my way, wasted time & gas & i get no compensation.

I find this pretty ridiculous considering every other delivery servoce like door dash goves you atleast half when you get there & it gets cancelled or has been picked up by another driver which seems ridiculous that that can even happen to begin with. I think ill just go back to using the other apps uber isnt impressing me at all so far.

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Can 2 people ride if so what's the cost?

by Daryl D Eti

Is my wife and I are going to midway airport can 2 people ride in an Uber and if so what's the cost to us?

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How can I be refunded for Uber rides and Uber eats that was not requested by me .

by Catherine U Zxo

I did not use Uber ride or Uber eats For the month of September, October, November and only Uber ride twice in December . I was charged on my Visa for over 100 transactions.

The same thing in months before that. My bank told me to call you. I can’t wait to be on hold for another couple of hours. I could not take care of this before because I was indisposed with anxiety disorder since August.

You can go back years and see I have maybe 50 rides and I eats. I removed my Visa card as form of payment. This is more than disturbing.

Please let me know the outcome of this fraudulent situation. Catherine Udvarhelyi 514-267-****

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All auto drivers not accepting the rate given by you

by Madhu K Gvt

On 31 St morning I booked autos from Egmore stn but all drivers connected to me asked how much rates & didn't pick me..Later some time they came to me & bargained with without showing they are Uber person.Your rate showed me Rs.130.But they bargained with me for Rs 200 & picked me..This drama took one hour & I was ashamed to wait for one hour...

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Can you refund my money thstbisnonnonoinenfirls car back into mt scc

My gift card loaded to my wrong are as where I can't use it I need my money placed either into my bank ACC or on here

1 answer
Never you the uber I need my money back need my money back never use the uber need my money right now please thank you

Forgot something in uber

by Abhishek C Lcg

I forgot my Some important thing in uber when I was traveling and driving is refusing to give my thing. He has also block my phone number.

Uber driver number is 70171 9****. I want my important thing back

0 answers

Y I need to pay fine?.

by Nagesh C Pep

I have booked a cab at 10.56 on Sunday that is 26.12.2021. And driver called me and said it's not possible to pickup and he cancelled the trip.

After 11.36 another driver called me and said am in pickup point. By that time I took another local cab and left from there because it's bit urgent. But now you people asking for 82 rs fine. If it's my mistake I should pay.

If it's your mistake why should I pay. Because of you people I have loss around 400rs.

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