Ive recently had to take my dog in an Uber pet on two occasions in nyc. Two weeks ago I went through three different drivers that cancelled on me because of my dog.

Even though I specifically order Uber for pets. Each time I ordered a new driver, the price went up 10+ $ in price. Today I ordered a pet Uber and after getting in the car, the driver changed her mind and said I need to get out and reorder bc of my dog. And then she gave me a poor rating.

Then I reordered and the next guy was very rude about me having an animal and complaining about the cleaning even though I brought my own blanket to lay down and my dog didnt leave any dirt or hair. Im very frustrated because I specifically ordered an Uber Pet so I dont understand the drivers annoyance if they accepted an Uber pet ride themselves.

Ive had such a bad experience and Im hoping to receive reimbursement for these rides, today and on 3/31. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Location: The Bronx, New York

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