On Sunday, May 30th, 2021, I booked an Uber from LAX, CA to Pasadena, CA and the price quoted was $103. This was extremely overpriced, but we were so tired and did not have any other choice we agreed on that price.

However, after arriving home and checking my receipts, it showed that we were charged $150.77. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! I did not agree to this fare and have no idea why you suddenly decided that it was okay for you to just charge me this amount. After going to your website for HELP, there is no number to contact anyone and the choices offered was nothing related to my complaint.

After eventually being able to submit one of the complaints, I was reimbursed with $37.67. $103 +37.67= $140.67, so where is my other $10? And the money was not put back on my credit card, it was returned to my wallet. I WANT MY $47 RETURNED TO MY CREDIT CARD ASAP please because I no longer wish to use UBER services any longer; so do not need that money in my wallet.

YOU ARE A RIP OFF!!! 503-42.

User's recommendation: DO NOT USE UBER!!!!

Location: Pasadena, California

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