Uber Direct- a separate arm of Uber, but makes food deliveries similar to Uber eats. I ordered a food delivery directly through a restaurant website knowing it would be delivered by a third party, but if I had known it would be through Uber I would not have ordered.

Once my order was picked up by the delivery person, I was notified the delivery was through Uber by a person on a bicycle. I live in the suburbs and had ordered a milkshake with my food. That is bad enough, but I was able to track the delivery through the restaurant website and saw when the delivery person, Bryce, was at my building. I then received a text saying the order had been delivered.

I knew this was unlikely because I can hear when the door to my building is opened and someone comes to my door. Sure enough I opened the door and no delivery. I first called the restaurant as that was what the instructions said to do. They are unable to see any information once the delivery person picks up the order.

I called Uber direct and was told the same thing- once the order is marked as delivered they cant see anything about the driver and cant help with a refund. I was told to call the restaurant for that. So basically Uber Directs business model is setup as an easy way for the delivery people to steal and no one has any accountability and the customer is just out the price paid for a meal, delivery fee and tip. Capitalism at its finest.

To add insult to injury, I let the person at Uber know that the same thing happened several months ago, and was told the money would be refunded, but never was and I was not told to contact the restaurant for a refund. I was then told that was an Uber eats order and Uber direct cant help with that order.

So 2 delivery orders from 2 separate arms of Uber, 0 deliveries and out nearly $80. What a scam!

User's recommendation: Avoid any Uber branded business at all costs.

Uber Cons: No delivery took my money and takes no responsibility.

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

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