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There were more screenshots of the chat but it would not let me show them to you it only accepted 10 of them but I have them

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Still haven't got it resolved I paid $65 to get some food last week and it never showed up the whole time it telling me that it was going to be delayed because my driver was on a bicycle LOL so after 3 hours it finally said my food had been delivered but it wasn't so I had to get dressed and I went to the restaurant to ask them what happened they said the food was actually picked up but it was never brought to me so I paid $65 more dollars and got more food assuming that ubereats would reimburse me for not getting my food because the whole time I was on the way up there I was trying to start the chat with the help desk and nobody would ever open the chat and when they did they opened it and immediately closed it.. I assumed that at some point they would reimburse me..

I kept getting notifications that my order was not eligible for a refund which I don't understand why because I paid $65 for food that I never got anyway three days later I get back try to get back in touch with him through my app and there's no phone number to call. Whatsoever you're not supposed to call so I continued with a chat and tried to get some help after they told me my order was not eligible for a refund I wanted to know why at first they told me it was because I had waited three days to get in touch with him I did not I got in touch with him immediately and then after I wanted to know the real reason why my food was not eligible for a refund they wouldn't tell me and they continuously closed the chat over and over again I tried and each time my check got closed because I wanted to know why I was not eligible for a refund so then I start trying to find a phone number every phone number I found they said that that was not their department they couldn't help me and they *** hung up on me so I'm still out $65 I still never got my food and I need help

Monetary Loss: $71.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Uber Cons: Everything you can think of.

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This is classic neglect from Uber. I have had the similar experience.

They say you can start a complaint via the app, though when we try to use the buttons on the ratings portion, Uber does not let us post a low rating. The app is manipulated to favor Uber and to limit the customers solution. this is a horrible system of "control" and is not focused on serving the customer to make sure the service is sufficient to fulfill the requirements the customer is paying for. There is no legit way to file a complaint and have Uber make effort to solve it.

This has happened twice now for me. Uber is an extremely poor system for serving the customer correctly

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