On Dec 9, 2021 booked a ride for Dec 19 at 4:30am at 4:20am there was no communication that a driver was on the way. Booked another driver that arrived 25 mins.

later. The driver did no get out of the car to assist me in any way. I had to but all my 2 heavy bags in the trunk myself and open the car door myself with another bag in my hands. Upon arriving at the airport the driver continued to stay seatted.

I had to lift my 2 heavy bags out of the trunk. I gave the drive a tip for his responce and verbal politeness but the tip would have been twice as much if he was a gentleman. I barely made it to my flight on time. Later on in the afternoon if got a second e-mail receipt that I was charged a cancelation fee.

Unlike the first driver there was no communication that a driver was on the way or a phone call looking for my location. I would appreciate a refund to my orginal form of payment the $9.64 fee chaged for a ride that I did not order.

Location: Olivette, Missouri

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