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Need my account to reinstated wanna drive for uber it a great company to work for interested place to work

User's recommendation: to be a great asset to your company.

Location: Clementon, New Jersey

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Good luck. Be prepared for childish customers who leave their belongings in your vehicle and then blame you for their carelessness, or who make up false claims of sexual assault, just because they want a refund and not to pay for your rude.

My advice, get cameras in the car. One woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by an UBER or Lyft driver, and the only reason his name was cleared was because the cameras in the car proved that she lied.

Her motive, she wanted a refund, because she did not want to pay for her ride. So she lied, risking someone's job and possibly ruining their life just for a refund, free ride.

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