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He forgot his phone in uber ..his address is 1358 mill wood lane Garland tx 75040 please need helptoreachthe lady driver

Preferred solution: My son forgot his phone in uber.

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Decent looking house. You may want to flag your post and have Google blur the image. Only a fool would post an address on a PUBLIC website...


A LOT of people think they are on the company's actual corporate site. You are a *** looking up their house online.


Tell your son they're not responsible for him leaving his junk in their car. Read the terms of the agreement when you signed up.


You hitchhike everywhere you go, so don't act like you know how car lift services work. You prove over and over you know ZERO!


Here is how car lift services work. They get paid to drive people from place to place.

If the son left his phone in the car he should have to wait until the driver is free to pick it up and pay for his gas. Looking at his house he can afford to.

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