I tried to gift money from my account to my child and. Somehow I ended up deducting the only money I had left in my debit card account I needed to get through the week now I'm stuck with not just the 40cin Uber money but on top of that the only 25 off my debit account that I needed for to and from work this week.

I'm extremely upset that I feel like Uber got me somehow and now the only cash I had is now locked into some gift card voucher. And now clearly had already having the 40con the account now I'm stuck with 40 plus 25 which is the 65 currently there and I have no money at all. I need assistance immediately to resolve this issue. Please help me refund my bank account as soon as possible with the 25 dollars.

I just don't know how I got tricked, it seemed like it was all average inflation and then before I know it I'm deducing from my debit and not the Uber to send to my son. I'm struggling financially and was just trying to get him to work and home, and now I can't do that for my self because my debit account for gas turned into Uber money.

So I can't use it at the ATM Very stressed out mom. Someone please guide me, thank you.

God bless

User's recommendation: Please watch your moves with your cards.

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