I booked Uber but driver asked nonsense question like where I have to go n how far away , next day I booked ride to Delhi from Jaipur driver name is prahlad he said give me 5500 rs and extra toll tax but on ride shows 2699 for sedan intercity then I asked him to canceled if you dont want to take me the fair is shown then he rudely replied I will not cancel and he didnt do that I was waiting him to canceled as already three driver said theyll not take Delhi passenger, if they dont want to take passenger then why Uber is diverting like this i waited around one hour to get Uber taxi due to drivers behavior.

So kindly look into this matter if they dont want to go then remove them from service and why they cant see the location where passenger want to go why theyre asking n not canceled if passenger requested, many times I paid unnecessary charges because of drivers

Location: New Delhi, National Capital Territory Of Delhi

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