I had dropped my yacht off at the end of the season a week ago today and of course i get the driver that is 30 mins away accepting my uber black car request. As you all know the prices seem like they are double so of course you expect superb service for this drastic fee your charged.

I call my driver once he is close to guide him in and he starts yelling at me telling me I put in the wrong address. I softly explained i didnt put in an address uber located me them self. He continued to huff and puff so i left the others as well my belongings and walked down the drive to assure he didnt pass us! As I saw him start to go by i yelled stop i see you and he continued to drive right buy my.

I said u just passed me turn around so he did i said ok stop i see u go right down that drive we are a\t the end! He said no you all walk to me or you dont get a ride. I said guy are you serious I have 2 more people waiting at the end with my stuff we can not carry it there he said i don't give a *** you either walk down here or loose your ride! I said guy do you really wanna drive 30 mins here to loose the ride then hav my file a complaint he said go for it I don't care you either come to me or i will leave!

I said fine leave u wasted 30 mins of your time as well wasted gas so your call man. He canceled my service and pulled away!

I tried every way to call Uber and u can not reach them so i went on app to complain and u can not see the ride as it was canceled so no way to complain lol! I am done with Uber I will never ever use there *** service again.

User's recommendation: cancel your account lets show them in numbers what this kind of services gets them.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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