On October 1st we took a ride from Hard Rock, Hollywood Florida to 3134 SW 50st Dania Beach , Fl 33312. I placed my phone in the center console and ask our driver ' Ariel" to remind me of it upon arrival at our destination. When we departed, he drove off with my Iphone and has not responewd to any of our pleas to give back the phone.

The booking was under Herbie Pegg at apprximately 12 midnight October 1st 2012!

Jonathan Proby 954 249****

Location: Hollywood, Florida

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Just like you forgot to take your phone. Ariel forgot to remind you.

Unless you are under the age of ten, it is not his job to remind you to take your stuff with you. If you are incapable of being careful with your stuff and know this, maybe you need to take a babysitter with you. Also if he is busy he is not going to take his time to return your phone. That is you job.

If he is driving he is not going to break the law and answer the phone. If he is working and picking up other customers he is not going to risk losing his fare to return your phone.


Easy solution, take YOUR junk with you when you leave THEIR car. Have a nice day.

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