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So my friend sent me a pair of heels and a wallet through uber and once the driver had began his trip, she sent me a link to track the journey. The driver reached my house 15 mins later and messaged me saying he was outside, I told him to leave the package outside due to covid.

He agreed and told me that he had left the package at my door. A minute later, I opened the door and there was nothing outside so I called the driver and he disconnected my call. I called him a few more times but he wouldnt answer so I messaged my friend and she said shell try to contact him too. She then told me that he isnt picking up her calls either.

I even texted the driver but he wouldnt reply. Then I checked my security cameras and I could see the driver come to my front door and return back to his car with my package. I then called uber and filed a complaint so the representative told me that they will contact the driver and ask him to return the items too. 3 hours pass and i hear nothing back from him and when i was on my way to work and opened the door, there was a package outside.

I had just checked the front door 10 mins prior and there was nothing outside. When i saw the package, it was opened and everything in the box was all over the place. My friend had taped the box before sending it so clearly the driver had opened the box to see what was inside. I cant believe uber lets people like him represent uber.

Stealing is not okay!! And uber had the nerve to deduct $15 from my friends credit card as a thank you to the driver because he had to go out of his way to return my items. Like how does that even make sense? He stole from me so of course he has to come back to return the items he stole.

Instead of compensating my friend for the ride, they actually made her pay $15 to the driver for returning my items.

And uber also sent me a message saying if i want to add a thank you tip to my driver, im more than welcome to. Youre kidding me right

User's recommendation: Please dont send parcels through uber.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Uber Cons: None other than my complaint.

Location: Surrey BC V4N

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