I was lied to by multiple representatives including Julio Alvarado who said He would send me an email to change my profile picture in 10 minutes but never sent me anything. He also said that If I replied to another email he sent then, My new account email address would be updated and my email address never got updated after I replied.

Also Julio said he would update my background check which was outdated from 4 years ago and never helped me update it. I then called back and was disconnected on the phone by another representative named Juan Sanchez right afterwards. I called back again and spoke with another representative who said that I could not have my email address changed at all and tried to push me off onto the help support app. All I wanted was to make a simple change to update my new email address and change my profile picture and update my new background check.

I was transferred a total of 8 separate tImes. I spent 3 hours calling back in again to have my dispute resolved and nothing has been resolved from this.

Location: Hamilton, Ohio

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