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Your company has yet to call me! I still have no whereabouts of my business phone!

Driver hasnt been contacted. Moving my business to Lyft.

Hopefully customer service will be much better than UBER. Really disappointed

User's recommendation: Don’t use UBER.

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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How about instead of Users Recommendation, instead of "Don't use Uber, you post. Be an adult and make sure you take everything with you before you exit the vehicle.

If you go on the complaints about Lyft, you will see childish adults like yourself who leave things behind, phones, wallets, keys, medication ect, and then expect the driver to bend over backwards to return your item that you careless left behind. These people have to work, and probably have other passengers.

Hate to say it to you but you would probably be complaining about Lyft if you took a Lyft when you left your phone in the car. The driver is not going to lose out on paying passengers to return your phone.

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