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You cant speak to anyone to get anything returned . The driver is not willing to bring it to me as we.

Preferred solution: My heart medication returned.

Location: 1518 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108

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Well next time take all your belongings with you before you leave the vehicle


How much are you willing to pay a driver to STOP what they're doing, STOP making money and take the TIME to come from wherever they are to rectify your stupid mistake? Are you being nice or are you being a beep?

If so, don't expect to get your stuff anytime soon. Remember, you agreed to not leave stuff behind.

You also agreed that they ARE NOT required to get your junk back to you. Hope you learned a lesson.


Hey give this woman. some credit.

Yesterday I read a complaint about a "man" or childish adult rather.

who left his wallet in either Uber or Lyft, and they could not contact the driver, and they wanted a full refund on their ride when they were the one that was a careless. At least this person is not asking for a full refund for her mistake.

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