Greetings ~ Consumer/Passenger Beware. Is what Uber & Lyft do.

Be careful when scheduling a ride. Or, you'll be taken for a ride. Seems their fees are changing continually which are also based on day of the week (less busy) & time (less busy) of day. Know where you are going online or however.

They will take you the longest way around if you don't have a clue how to get to your destination. Your frustration is about paying attention. One of a few of my drivers sat in the driveway, where he picked me up, during which time he was setting my trip/directions to home. You'll get charged for that time as well.

Rounded out, my fare cost $60 to go 11 miles one way. Of course they have my credit card on file. It could be a nice service (they offer grocery & meal delivery services, etc.) if they didn't jump on the same bandwagon as most, if not all, other businessess that operate dishonestly. Why?

Is because that's how vulnerable (is the way businessess survive) we are when not paying attention. Stay on top, whenever possible, of your situations.


User's recommendation: Continually be(a)ware.

Location: Champlin, Minnesota

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