I am requesting a full refund with no cancellation fee this was one of the most terrible ordeals I have ever uncounted you clearly said on your website in regard to renting car that cost could be paid with credit or debit card once we got to the airport after paying close to $120.00 to you with a debit card they would not let us pay the rest with my same debit card not to speak of the embarrassment then for my wife and I to get home from the airport because we were now stranded because they wouldn't let us rent the car because we didn't have a credit card and Uber wanted to charge us like $45.00 to get home which we felt was a terrible joke and put us in the same position we were trying to get out of and 240.00 plus shorter on cash because I had a credit card that I could and did pay on to free up cash to get the car when my minimum was only 30.00 I paid a 100 instead come to find out it didn't post til Monday, so now I'm not only out of the money I paid you am out o an additional 100 dollars and still stranded and no car thanks Uber you have really been a great help getting us out of a pickle with your services all because of one little incorrect advertisement you state in your rental car program THAT WE COULD PAY WITH OUR CREDIT OR DEBIT THAT WAS SAVED ON YOUR UBER APPLICATION. Now Uber not only am I requesting a full refund with no penalty, what is Uber going to do for me for my inconvenience, my embarrassment, for incorrect instructions on how we could pay the remaining 40.00 dollar balance to rent a car under your program, and being stranded for about an hour because we had to call someone to come get us because I refuse to pay the inflated joke of a price to get home I think not Uber had cost me enough in one day this is the second time Uber has failed me in the same week the first time I was on a round trip and the driver just took of and left me and I had to walk a mile home I didn't have my cell phone and now this episode I hope there is not a finale. So Uber what are you Hong to do for me, I need a car tomorrow for a couple of days what can you do for me.


User's recommendation: My recommendation would be for future if thing don’t better don’t rent through Uber look I get what you are tying to do and it could be a good if you iron out some of the wrinkles first time I tried to ent through Uber I walk away with nothing and stranded, the second time I did rent through you I paid twice as much than he price I was quoted to say he least I was very unhappy both time. I would really like to know where my 117.00 refund is for the first the first vehicle I never got I dint know who I was renting through I rent from Uber but had to go by their rules it was I mess so I’m just winding if you want to fix this because if you tel I can pay a certain way and when I get there I’m told I can’t pay that way and I don’t get the I’m not a happy customer. Iron ou the wrinkles people am willing be another feather in the Uber cap.

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

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