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I have had hundreds of emails back-and-forth with Uber priority support. They continue to copy and paste the exact same message to me without solving my problem.

I have multiple screenshots of the incident, hi signed up for a promotion to earn $1250 in your first 100 deliveries or get paid the difference. They confirmed that this promotion was active on my account so I pushed really hard to do the deliveries. I never received my additional 300 and some odd dollars for finishing the promotion. Its impossible to get anyone that speaks English on the phone it is impossible to get anyone who understands what Im saying through email.

Every response from them has been a copy and paste generic message that in no way shape or form meets the needs or question of my message to them. I will not be using Uber anymore and I will be sending my reviews everywhere and switching to GrubHub.

I have never had such unreasonable, unprofessional business altercations with anyone before in my life. Its worth the pay cut to do the DoorDash orders instead.

Uber continuously refuses to acknowledge the fact that I sent them a screenshot message of them self telling me that this promotion is in fact active on my account before backtracking they will not address the fact that I have sent them the screenshot of their own message with every single reply I have sent to them

User's recommendation: Would not recommend Uber at all.

Location: Austin, Texas

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