I called for an Uber and it took awhile for him to get there, which is not a big deal. The ap showed he was there but we did not see each other so he called me and asked where I was.

I told him on Capitol and 28th he then told me that the address I put in was 28th and L. I told him I didn't put in the address that Uber automated the address. He then just said that is the address that you entered. I told him I am not sure which way L street is he then make a grunting noise and hung up on me and cancelled the ride.

I was waiting outside of a hospital and had some random homeless man come up and scream at me white I was waiting which was the cherry on top of the whole experience. I was charged over $8 for a ride I did not receive, all he needed to do was drive a block up the road or give me a min to walk a block. I could not get a hold of a live person and the only option I was given was to get Uber cash.

I do not want Uber cash I want my money back. I have never had such a ridiculous Uber driver in all of the times I have used the service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Uber Vehicle Driver.

Uber Pros: Less drunk drivers.

Uber Cons: Deal with people that are not considerate.

Location: Roseville, California

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