Our company card was somehow charged for over 600$ in charge after charge from Uber eats within hours before my bank finally blocked the transactions. I attempted to contact Uber via internet, phone ect- but not only does it require you to have an account but they didn't even get back to me until the day after (and they have no phone number to contact a live person it literally just hangs up on you).

If I hadn't gone to my bank who knows how much they could have kept charging. When I finally did get a rep- they couldn't tell me if the matter would be delt with if I gave them more information or not because they kept asking me for my account information- and we have no account nor do we ever wish to have an account (which you must associate with a card before signing up). It was the worst customer service for fraud I have ever experienced. Thank goodness my bank was on the ball- they started blocking transactions within 5 minutes of calling.

It's going to take up to three weeks to reverse so in the mean time we have stolen funds showing on our books and Uber did everything but help the situation letting someone else use our company card fraudulently and even though they would have the information to bar them and or persecute them- they have not been any help.

All because? We don't have an account with them.

User's recommendation: Uber supports Fraud.

Uber Pros: Need call back number.

Uber Cons: No solutions presented, Took extra money.

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