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Someone illegally used my wifes debit card. We have no account with Uber.

Tried several times to reach an operator because the phone system is intentionally set up to hang up on you. Finally got a person who could not speak English. She got frustrated, and she hung up on us. Tried again (been trying for over an hour).

Finally got a person who claimed she could not help, did not have a supervisor, and refused to assist any further. Claimed her name was Stacey with no operator or employee number. Stated her non-existent supervisor was named Felmor or Fulmore. Tried to hang up on us, but only put us on hold.

Was very surprised when she tried to answer phone again only to find we were still on the line. This time said she couldnt help and hung up.

Still waiting for the supervisor to callsince we have no Uber account. Guess Felmor is psychic???

User's recommendation: RUN!!!

Location: Monroe, North Carolina

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Why would you want to speak to an Uber anything? That’s so stupid.

Call your card issuer. They will cancel the card and get her a new one assuming this isn’t a recurring theme with you fools.

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