I took an Uber ride last September. I haven't used Uber since then.

I reviewed my credit card statement a couple of months ago and was surprised to find that I've been charged $24.99 for Uber Pass since last September, which I never signed up for.

(Why would I sign up for something and never use it?)

I put the charges into dispute with my credit card company. I'm a senior citizen and not very tech savvy, and I had trouble navigating Uber's website to find an email address or phone number so I could contact Uber to delete my account. Someone at the credit card company told me how to delete my account, but when I tried to do this, I was informed that I couldn't delete the account because I have a $24.99 balance.

I finally was able to send Uber an email, and they responded to it, but they did not address my problem. I sent an email to them thru Pissed Consumer, detailing my problem and asking for them to drop the $24.99 balance.

Uber sent a response which told me how to delete my account. Not helpful because it didn't address the outstanding balance issue. I sent another email to Uber to which they responded that they were sorry I was having trouble booking a ride because of an unpaid balance. I wrote back to them; my email started with this: "I'm not having trouble booking a ride.

PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL CAREFULLY AS NO ONE AT UBER IS ADDRESSING MY ISSUE..". They sent me an email yesterday telling me that my account is temporarily on hold because I have a balance of $24.99, and as soon as that is paid, I can resume using my Uber app.

I don't want to resume using my Uber app! I want my $24.99 refunded, and I want to delete my account!!!

User's recommendation: Use Uber with great caution because you might start getting a monthly charge for something you didn't sign up for.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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