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I called a Uber for my friend because he was drunk and unable to drive. So when the Uber arrived, I tipped the driver $40 in cash (the trip only cost me $37) since I want the driver make sure my friend got home safely.

Then I receive few text messages from the driver in about 30 minutes later, he told me my friend didnt want to get off from the car since he was too drunk, so I have to drive all the way to my friends house and help the driver to get my friend off the car. And then I saw the mess my friend did to the car I felt so sorry for the driver, so I asked the driver if I can paid him cash for the cleaning fee instead of charging on my account, he said okay, then I gave him $200 in cash (which is more than enough for car cleaning, but I just feel really sorry for the time and mess my friend did) and I asked the driver is it going to be enough to cover all the cost, but the driver asked me if I can tip him another $20 extra? At the time I dont have any more cash left so I told him I will tip him on the account then I did it immediately. So the whole trip cost me around $40+37+200+20=$297, and its not over yet, second day I received a message from my Uber account, it show an unpaid payment of $150 (Im lucky enough this transactions didnt went thru because my bank blocked it) the driver was trying to charge me $150 for the cleaning fee, wth?

Didnt I just gave you in cash? Maybe Im new and stupid that I trust in you, but if the driver is going to charge me from my Uber account, shouldnt he tell me at the first?

Now Ive learned my lesson, and reported to Uber company, what they did is ignore it. That really pissed me off and go fxxx yourself Uber, I will never use it again.

Location: Hayward, California

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